Heart's Medicine - Season One Remastered Edition

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Big Blue Studios (2 game) GameHouse (5 game)
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GameHouse (14 game)
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Go back to the beginning of Allison Heart's epic story to become a doctor

Assist med school student Allison Heart as she starts her career as a doctor in a hospital in small-town America! A game that follow the story of a girl who becomes an unwitting hero.

Sharpen your medical skills in Heart’s Medicine – Season One, the prequel to the exciting hospital game Heart’s Medicine - Time to Heal. Work alongside Doctor Heart as she goes from inexperienced girl to expert surgeon at Little Creek Hospital. Feel the adrenaline rush as you try to diagnose, treat, operate on and cure all patients in time. Can you keep up with this fast-paced time management story game?

As a little girl, Allison watched her father die. Then, a few years ago, Allison assisted at the scene of a horrible accident. That’s when she realized she had to go to medical school. Now she’s back at Little Creek Hospital, a hometown girl ready to start her dream job as a doctor. But then the dream meets the reality of hospital life…

Not all patients are easy to handle, not all diseases are treatable and not all dreams come true. What’s crucial is that Allison learns to accept her duties as a doctor. She will need to concentrate on the injuries and health of her patients, doing what she can to ease their suffering. Luckily, she has a lifeline in the form of great colleagues, who are more than willing to help her on her way.

Besides the emergencies she faces as an intern, Allison will also need to navigate the choppy waters of the romance game. Not one, but TWO handsome doctors vie for her attentions. Will this lead to complications?

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OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.6 GHZ
Graphics: 256 Mb Card
Storage: 512 MB available space

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Thu Tâm Lê
08:37 16/04/2020
Thanks Ad

cao nhat bach
04:04 15/04/2020
ủa bản remake à

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Sắp xếp:

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