Farm Tribe - Dragon Island

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You will meet again with the hard-working girl, Annie, whose organizational skills and talent of the head many times helped her succeed where many considered impossible. At this time, Annie transferred into incredible fantasy world inhabited by unusual creatures living on Dragon island, drifting through the boundless "Ocean of Eternity". The drifting islands are completely isolated from each other, and there are no other means of communication other than ancient Magic and the power of the Creators. It was the magic of the Creators that brought Annie to this world, where the most valuable things are seeds, fresh water and food. Here she has to show all her talents to build a real farm on the magical Keepers island, which is able to accelerate time and to communicate at a distance with drifting islands, to provide their inhabitants with fresh products from her farm. However, not easy, because Annie is not the only guest in this world, an ancient evil has penetrated here - the ruthless Eater of the Worlds, possessing a deadly weapon - Mists of Oblivion, which suck the vital energy from drifting islands and destroys its inhabitants. Only a true Keeper is able to challenge the Death Eaters and help local residents to dispel the fogs to save their world. To save the world is one thing, but to feed it is a completely different, more difficult task. But you will not be alone, cute little people will come to help you, they will take on all the routine work on the farm, without demanding a rewards, except for the roof over their heads, your love, care and the your feeling of beauty, no wonder why other say - the beauty will save the world !!

- Create your own Farm Tribe on a Mystery Island, take care of it, decorate your village;
- Feed and grow up cute animals: chickens, cows, fishes and even crocodiles;
- Invent and realize individual design in this farm game;
- The scenario and surprising characters, will lead you to the unusual farm worlds
- Perform quests to reveal secrets and mysteries of the Dragon Island, follow unpredictable plot twists.
- Think of funny names and choose clothes for your workers.

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OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10
CPU: 1.6 GHz
RAM: 1024 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 310 MB

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