Essay writing is one of the most important aspects of academic papers . Many people believe that writing talent is a gifted trait but that concept holds no logic. Writing skills can be learned by any individual. To write a good essay, a few prerequisites should be followed.

Essays have different categories such as persuasive, argumentative, or descriptive. The students usually face difficulties in writing the argumentative type of essay because of the specific structure and particular format. In an argumentative type, academic excellence usually takes a stance either in the favor of the topic or against it. After the selection of stance, the students usually collect information, evaluate, analyze and present it concisely to develop an argument and support the claim.  To write an effective essay, the students must learn to avoid common mistakes. If you are looking to find out the mistakes which you need to avoid while writing an essay, then this article is written for your guidance. This article will not only explain the things which you should avoid but also provide ways to avoid making those mistakes. 
Students usually make the following mistakes while writing an argumentative essay.
  • Lack of preparation before starting the essay
  • No proper outline
  • Lack of clarity and coherence
  • Absence of thesis statement 
  • Unauthenticated resources
  • Not presenting enough evidence to support the claim
  • No proper conclusion at the end of the essay
  • Only focusing on points that support the selected claim 
 In order to write an effective essay, it is important to keep a few things in mind and to avoid making mistakes which are as follows.
Prepare an Outline

Prepare an elaborative outline with main headings and subheadings along with providing the resources. Make heading for the main argument and facts to prove the stance. Students do not make effort in devising a good outline. In order to avoid making this error, it is better to have all the important points written in a collective form. This will serve as a template to write the essay.
Improper conclusion.

Another common mistake is writing a weak conclusion. Usually, students make the mistake of including new information in the conclusion. That is not the correct way to write the conclusion of an argumentative essay. The conclusion is the reformulation of the argument and facts while presenting it in such a way that favors the stance. To avoid a failing attempt, try to make a strong conclusion as it is one of the most important parts of the essay. To write a strong conclusion, start from the argument and restate your claim.

Only supporting evidence and not the opposing viewpoint

An argumentative essay includes the evidence to support the stance. Another important component is to explain the opponent's point of view and briefly explain their arguments and then refute their arguments. Most students miss that part while writing an argumentative essay. You must collect enough opposing arguments to counter that evidence to strengthen your own stance in the essay. By following the suggestion you can learn to avoid the common mistakes which will help you in acing your examination. However, if you still find it difficult to write an argumentative essay you can use a reliable CollegeEssay

Wrong citation

While writing an argumentative essay you must include the evidence to support the argument and to make an assertion. These resources which are used to collect the evidence must be cited to avoid plagiarism. Usually, the citations are done in a specific format such as APA and MLA. Students make a common error while writing argumentative essays of either forgetting to cite their source or using the wrong format for citation. Make sure that you cite your resources, such as articles, books, and websites in a proper format to avoid failing the essay.