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10 Common Grammar Mistakes in Academic Writing

Apr 27 2022, 15:52 PM
Klara Loft
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Students fear nothing but research writing and I can tell that from my experience because I was once a student. Although, when you get familiar with research writing, your fear goes away but sometimes, one gets tired of following all the rules and can also get an online cheap essay writing service


Yeah, I understand, however, it’s not as scary as I thought it would be once I tried to get the hang of it. If you are new to research writing and want to learn, you are at the right place.


I remember from my school experience, I never liked to write essays, let alone research papers. I’d find ways to escape and had to ask my mother to write my essay whenever there was an assignment. She did not appreciate my fear of research writing but also, never said no because I think she knew I would flunk.


Times have changed and I am no longer that person who is afraid of research papers or essays. Today, I would like to share some tips regarding the structure of the paper and to make sure you know how to convey a message through writing.


What are some of the important factors when you hear a word research essay or research paper?


Grammar and punctuation!!


Yes, that is right because both are an integral part of any research paper and a message cannot be conveyed effectively if the paper is filled with grammatical errors. You will get a D on poorly structured paper with grammatical errors.


Don’t worry, with little practice and learning, one can set the concepts right. Here are a few tips on punctuation and grammar that could save your neck when it comes to writing.


Differentiate between commas and semicolons


You have to know the difference between commas and semicolons to show that you are aware of the grammatical rules when it comes to academic writing. If you mix commas with semicolons, the message you want to convey gets all mixed up as well.


The purpose of correct grammar is to make something more readable by using commas or semicolons. Use where comma has to be used and the same goes with semicolons. Any essay writing service would guide you better by providing you the grammar rules in detail. They might charge you some fee as well. You know comma is used for short breaks and semicolon is used for a long break; change their places and see how the message gets twisted.


Use them where they belong!!


Appropriate use of the Apostrophe:


Many students use this quite wrong and I can say that they use apostrophes in the place of punctuation marks. You should know that apostrophe is used for specific and possessive contractions.


For example: My boyfriend’s phone. It’s quite complicated.


Here I have shown two examples, one that shows the possession of something (my boyfriend’s phone) and the other shows the contractions (it’s in place of it is).


I hope these examples have made it clear for you to understand the difference between the two.


So, use an apostrophe where it’s necessary.


Know where to place quotation marks:


This one is also a common mistake committed by students. One thing you must remember is that it is wrong of you to use full stops or commas after quotation marks. If you want to use it, use it before quotation marks, “I want to talk to the principal,” she said. The commas and full stop go inside the quotations mark and the rest go outside quotation marks.


Avoid Multiple Punctuations at the End of a sentence:


Another common mistake that students do is the usage of full stops after question marks. No, you can’t place a period after the question mark. It does not look good. It only shows the weak grasp of a writer over grammar. You can hire professional custom essay writing service to avoid any mistakes. You can get your essay checked by a professional essay writer to avoid grammatical errors. You cannot use it even at the end of the abbreviation. Thus, a single full stop suffices. Here is another example for you.


“I saw him going out for a run at 5:00 a.m.” The single full stop is for abbreviation and the meaning has not been distorted either. There is no need for another full stop.


Punctuation with parentheses: 


If you are writing a long sentence, the punctuation would be outside the brackets, even if the sentence is within the parenthesis box.


When to use a colon:


You can only use colon if you intend to introduce a list. If the sentence is incomplete, then its usage would be improper. You have to make sure that the preceding sentence makes sense before you add a colon. For example:


All students must follow SOPs protocols such as masks, sanitizers, and maintaining social distance.


 Improper sentences will only confuse the readers.


Alright, folks, these are some of the rules that I wanted you guys to remember. Memorize them, apply them to your writings, and always follow research paper guidelines if you want to write a well-established and error-free paper.

Learn, make mistakes, and don’t repeat that mistake. This is my advice for you because I want you all to thrive in the writing department.


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