Super Street Fighter II - Turbo HD Remix

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Backbone Entertainment (2 game)
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SSF2: Turbo HD Remix is the first ever complete "re-make" of a Street Fightergame. And what more deserving title than the classic, long-time fan favorite, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, which is the last installment from the immortal SF2 series (originally released in 1991). Every background, character sprite and frame of animation has been resized to a larger scale and was completely redrawn by the team of talented artists over at UDON Comics!

Coming from someone who grew up playing all of the incarnations of SF2 in the arcades (and at home) religiously, and having nearly every frame of animation in this game embedded into my brain... I, like many other die-hards out there, can fully appreciate what UDON has done with this timeless classic. Re-drawing and re-coloring every single frame of animation must have been an immeasurably frustrating and long trial & error process, but let me be the first to congratulate UDON on their beautiful final product... it was well worth the effort guys.

The new graphics really stand out, even though they're based on very old sprite artwork. However, by today's standards of 2D fighting games, the 2D character sprites are definitelybigger than most and simply "fill the screen" like no others ever have. The characters themselves have enough presence and charisma to fill the screen under normalcircumstances, but these beefy & colorful new sprites simply light up the room!

HD Remix really does look like a completely new game, complete with fabulous re-drawn selection screen artwork. That said, the in-game characters look more like actual gameartwork than character sprites. I have to say that overall, I'm very pleased with nearly every character in the game as far as looks go. They really nailed the faces and the characters actually resemble the way Edayan draws them, which in my opinion is one of the absolute best Capcom artists of all time.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP / 7
RAM: 512MB
VGA: 128MB Dx9.0
HDD: 500MB

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