Prince of Persia Trilogy

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Maybe you've never played a Prince of Persia game. Well, allow me to bring you up to speed: The Prince of Persia games tell the story of the titular Prince, taking you through his fall in the Sands of Time, his soul-searching in Warrior Within, and concluding with his attempt at redemption in Two Thrones. It's pretty heavy sounding stuff, I know, but it's charmingly written, at times touching, and always light-hearted. Sometimes the story falls a little flat, or comes across a little cheesy (especially in Warrior Within), but overall it's a satisfying yarn worth completing.

System Requirements

System: 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
VGA: 128MB GeForce 4+
Hard Drive Space: 16GB (for extraction)
Game pad STRONGLY Recommended

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