One Piece: Grand Adventure

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When One Piece: Grand Battle released just one year ago, the party fighter did a few things very right, and a few things wrong. As expected, the freshmen effort had a the likely issues a rookie a fighter would display: Somewhat limited roster, lack of fighting depth, and a few balance issues. Even still, Grand Battle was strong enough in its core design (which, by the way, takes a ton of inspiration from the Power Stone series) to still consider it above average, and was reviewed positively my the majority of gaming press. This time around, One Piece: Grand Adventure sets out to do what nearly every fighter does, as the team works out the kinks, expands the roster, and (hopefully) delivers an experience that's once again worth the time and cash of the franchises fan base. Mission accomplished.

From the get-go, One Piece: Grand Adventure displays all the fundamental elements of the previous game. Players can chose from any number of One Piece fighters, taken verbatim from the anime show and manga comics, select a fighting mode, and kick the crap out of the competition in a free-roaming 3D arena. During battle, which usually consists of gigantic over-the-top combos and super-attacks, players can smash open item boxes, grab random weapons (such as oversized baseball bats and huge cartoon bombs) and use them to throw or beat down opponents.

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