Metal Gear Solid

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This is a must-have title for anyone looking for an experience that's equal parts Thief, Deus Ex, and classic platformer. This is an action game at heart, and the controls can easily be wrangled within the confines of a Sidewinder pad, but that's not to say that there isn't a load of depth beneath the trigger. Original descriptions of the title were generally married with the terms "cinematic" and "interactive movie," but unlike the other times those phrases have been used to describe a game, they were meant as wholehearted complements.

Metal Gear Solid's plot is a pulpy mix of anime, gritty action film, and soap opera. You're a retired operative, the notorious Solid Snake, sent to a nuclear weapons disposal facility in Alaska to stop a terrorist takeover. Along the way you'll meet a variety of characters, battle family and foes, and of course, fall just a little bit in love. But while all of this fleshes out a story that twists and turns constantly, it's also one of the few times where it works seamlessly with the gameplay, constantly giving you a new experience. Just as Half-Life used plot devices to keep you on your toes, so Metal Gear Solid throws in a capture attempt, torture, sniping spies and double-crossers to have you constantly watching your back -- literally.

System Requirements

CPU: Pentium II 266MHz
VGA: 4MB 3D Accelerator Card

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