Gods Eater Burst

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Gods Eater Burst takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, with the events of the game occurring in Japan in 2071. Most of the world has been razed by the Aragami, mysterious and aggressive creatures that appeared one day. They consist of colonies of hundreds of thousands of independent units, which are analogized as cells. As such, they are called oracle cells. The only way to hurt or kill an Aragami is by using a God Arc, a specialized biological weapon that itself is made of oracle cells. The God Arc can destroy the Aragami's core, making an Aragami's oracle cells lose their cohesion. The God Arc can transform itself into either a melee weapon or a gun, depending on the need of the user. An anti-Aragami organization called Fenrir hires warriors, called God's Eaters, to battle the Aragami. Due to the size and weight of the God Arc, God Eaters must have a special wrist bracelet surgically attached in order to wield it.

System Requirements

CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.7GHz
VGA: HD4670
HDD: 1.5GB
Windows XP/7

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