Chocobo Racing

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Square doesn't normally make games that aren't Role Playing Games. This is an exception. This is a racing game, as the title so suggests. The game looks a little kiddy, but so does Mario, one of the more popular games on the market. Some say ''Square should stay away from racing'', I say they've done a good job, and should continue with such games.

Gameplay: 9/10
A simple racing game, not many features in racing games right? Wrong. First of all, there are many different abilities. Unlike in other Racing Kart games, you have abilities you can choose from, and use. These abilities will help you get first place. One ability, is one that gives you a speed boost. Another, let's you fly over oil spills. Then you can get magic, and different abilities around the track. You can get spells, such as Fire, Fira, Firaga, and so on. Theses spells can help hinder other racers. Each racer is also distinct. You have the white Mage, Shiroma, who is on a flying carpet, she can get over obstacles easy. As a computer, her preset ability protects her from magic. Then there is the Chocobo, who is racing on skates. His ability lets him speed up for a short time. Then there is the create a character option, which allows you to make your own character, and customize! The gameplay in this game is incredible, and fairly innovative!

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics in this game are good, it looks like a story book however, and that hurts the points. The graphics on the track are more 2-dimensional, and flat than realistic. However, this is a playstation game, and is not meant to have full 3-dimensional capabilities. The graphics aren't horrible, but they are lacking.

Story: 7/10
Story in a racing game? You don't rate racing game stories... Well you do in this case. There is an actual story. It starts off really simple, which is bad for a story. For a racing game, the story is stellar, but for all games concerned, it's only mediocre. As you progress, you find more people who join your racing crew. This opens up more tracks. The way the story is told, is through a book, which is interesting, but a bit lacking in greatness. This is a racing game, not a book.

Multiplayer: 9/10
This game is a good multiplayer game. The multiplayer capabilities make this game a whole lot more fun. No matter your skill, you could always lose to a friend, if they are just as highly trained. The computer is easy to crush, but your friend, who'll use every skill, move, and spell in the book to stop you in your tracks, will make this game really fun.

Challenge: 6/10
This game is quite easy. The first track you cannot lose at in story mode. The other tracks are also quite simple. Until you get toward the end, will you face any real challenges. Even then, it's not that hard if you play the game right. The game actually gets easy as you go along, as you get more abilities. The games AI, isn't that smart, and won't use everything, and anything against you. This game lacks any real challenge, unless you consider letting them lap you once, then trying to beat them, and actually doing so, a challenge.

Replay: 10/10
This game is very replayable. For many reasons. For one, the character creation option. After finishing the game once, you get a new character, one of the original square characters. You also get to make a character of your own, with a set amount of points, based on how you do in the race. Story mode lets you make characters that could win with the computer a lap or two ahead. You can't make custom abilities, but that would take a lot of space.

This is an enjoyable game. Square did a remarkable job. Those who continue to say ''stay away from racing square'' don't understand the brilliance of the game. This game is wonderful, and has great aspects in it.

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