Chicken Invaders 3

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Aliens are invading from a different planet…and it turns out they’re chickens! Angered by the way they’ve been treated on Earth by us Humans, the chickens are on a war path in Chicken Invaders 3! In this hilarious Action & Arcade game, take to your spaceship and put an end to this fowl invasion. As the old saying goes, “You can’t make an omelet without cracking a few eggs…and skulls!”

  • 30 bonuses and 13 medals to win.
  • 120 waves of chicken invaders.
  • 12 star systems to explore.

System Requirements

* OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
* CPU: 600 Mhz
* RAM: 128 MB
* DirectX: 6.0
* Hard Drive: 58 MB
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